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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My experience with internet shopping with the following on-line shops

I have been using internet shopping a few years already but lately it is becoming a more frequent affair. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my experiences with the purchases and the kind of service I got from the on-line shops that I frequent with.

One of the longest business relationship I have is with MyEG Services Berhad (, the concessionaire for the Malaysian E-Government MSC Flagship Application.

Through this link, I buy my road tax for my cars and it gets delivered to my office within 24 hours. The only extra payment that I need is RM8 for the cost of the transaction and courier charges. Credit card payment is acceptable. I rate the service as "Excellent" since I did not have any problems with it for the last 4 years (16 transactions in total).

The second on-line shop that I frequent is City Time Enterprise a shop that sells original watches out of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Its internet address: It was establised in 2000.

I've bought 2 watches from them and the service was again "Excellent". The package was received within 24 hours. Despite the fact that payment need to be made via bank deposit, this company does not charge courier charges (they use Poslaju).

The third on-line shop that I use is Amazon ( This is one on-line shop that need no introduction. I have bought through Amazon 3 times and all items was received in good order.

Because of my location, a number of items that I wanted could not be delivered to my address here in Kuala Lumpur. Also, I was not able to enjoy some of the special discounts given to customers in the US. Courier charges are expensive but you do have a choice to the speed of delivery. The slower the delivery, the lower the charges.

Books is still the best value for money for this website. I rate this as "Good".

The next one is ( This company was established to provide watch buyers of the world a place where their favorite watches are offered at competitive prices, and all through our easy, convenient and secured online ordering system.

I have bought 3 watches from them in 3 occasions. Payment can be made via credit card and courier charges are inclusive of the prices. You can get really good value-for-money from this website. Delivery takes at most 48 hours via DHL. I rate this site as "Excellent".

The most recent site that I made in internet purchase is called Gnomon Watches ( It first opened her doors for business online in early 2002, founded by bona fide horology suitors who share profound passion for watch making and fine craftsmanship. Since its conception, Gnomon Watches has gradually gain recognition amongst acclaimed industry artisans as the world’s premier independent watch portal, horology resource meeting point for enthusiasts and collectors alike. It is based in Singapore.

I recently made an order and payment was made via PayPal. They do charge courier charges but at least the watch got to me within 24 hours. Unfortunately, this first experience with them was disappointing as the watch was faulty. I had to courier it back to them and they did email that they will replace it with a new one. At the moment, I am still waiting for that. I will provide my rating after the whole transaction has been completed.

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