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Monday, March 21, 2016

New Polygon Mountain Bike for my son - Relic Evo

This short school holiday, I taught my son how to ride a bike. It took him a coupe of hours but he got to muster bike riding using my Tern folding bike (read it here:

I got to get a bike for him so I went to Rodalink in Presint 15 Putrajaya and got him this mountain bike from Polygon for around RM1,000 (after discount).

For this price I got an aluminium framed bike with Shimano 24 gears (3 x 8), disk brakes and front shock absorbers. The wheels are 24 inches.

I just believe that you get get a disk brake bike for just about RM1,000 now.

The Shimano gears - front 3.

The Shimano gears - back 8.

The gear shift is by handle twist. Right for the back gears.

Left is for the front gears. You can also see the front shock absorbers.

The aluminum frame and the model name.

The brand.

He really enjoys the bike.

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