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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 04 - Walking along the Thames river and Tower Bridge

Continuation from: UK Trip December 2015 - Part 03 - Walking along Oxford Street

The next morning after an early breakfast (can't sleep after 5:30 am due to jet-lag) we headed towards the centre of London to see the sights. It was a downcast Saturday morning.

The cafes were just opening up for the breakfast crowd.

We took the Tube to the River Thames as there is where a lot of things can be seen that are the hallmark of London.

While waiting for a quick toilet break, I took a photo of my kids.

We were North of the river and we started our great London adventure from London bridge heading South.

The famous Shard Building.

Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast ship museum.

Kids photos.

Very windy.

While walking we came across this beautiful shopping pavilion converted from old building just beside the river.

Very tastefully done. There were also nice sculptures.

My son resting on one of the many cute circular benches in the pavilion.

The Christmas decorations were up and the spirit of the season was felt. Pity I forgotten the name of this place.

While walking along the London Riverside (this is what this whole area was called), we saw new and old buildings.

HMS Belfast. This is a ship museum that one can go to visit.

My daughter.

My son.

We saw a lot of stalls selling food and other stuff. We were told that this is part of the Christmas celebration where for a month, merchants can rent a stall to sell their products.

Was this the building used in the latest James Bond movie?

All kinds of food staff were there. There was even a Malaysian food stall. Surprisingly, a good proportion of the food stalls served Halal food.

Not much river traffic. Maybe because it was a weekend.

The famous Tower Bridge. A lot of people there as well.

To be continued.

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