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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sending a niece to her eternal resting place

It was just after 1 pm a few months ago that I found myself in this location. In a graveyard in Tanjong Tualang Perak. The night before I was informed that my cousin's daughter died in a tragic vehicle accident.

Following tradition, the family was able to settle paperwork and got a grave ready to receive the body. I was one of the first few to arrive at the graveyard.

Sobering thought after having look inside a newly dug grave.

The men from my side of the the family branch waiting for the cortege to arrive. We helped arranged the chairs.

It was a hot day and the canopy was a welcome cover from the sun's rays.

The cortege arrived and the body was carefully placed inside the grave. I feel sad for my cousins to have to bury their eldest daughter.

...covering the grave.

The last of my parent's generation.

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