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Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend stroll along the Putrajaya Lake and site for the upcoming Floral Show

Took a stroll along the Putrajaya Lake. Nice weather and we practically for the area all to ourselves. In the distance you can see the Harriott Watt University Putrajaya Campus.  

Scenic route.

So serene.

We then saw the permanent Chinese garden exhibit.

The plaque commemorating the garden.

Beautiful landscaping.

The entrance is also beautifully made.

A number of bonzai-like trees.

My son sitting under a bamboo grove.

My two daughters beside a pond.

Interesting stone motives.

The main entrance.

One of the exits.

A boulder with carvings about the garden.

There was also an English garden.


A pavilion.

Buildings of Putrajaya.

A clock tower. I suspect this is not permanent. Just for the upcoming Floral Festival.

Monkeying around.

Tired out.

Some of the exhibits in the midst of being readied for the festival.

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