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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 2014 Annual Company Trip - Destination: YTL Pangkor Laut Resort - The boat ride and lunch - Part 2

A small high-end high speed tender was allocated to us as well as a couple of other guests to make the trip to the resort. We headed down to the pier to board the boat.

We saw some bigger yachts owned by the YTL Group moored in the marina as well.

Got the chance to seat upfront. In front of us are the two wooden boats (junk style) owned by YTL that caters for special charters.

The team all decked in bright orange life-vests. Happy and raring to go.

My roommate Hafees and I.

Took us only 15 minutes on the boat before we arrived on the YTL island. The weather was perfect.

The jetty at the resort. Millions of anchovies swimming under the pier.

From this vantage point you can see the resort's Hill View Villas.

...the Water Villas...

The resort has a 'Kampung' style look to it. High roof and wood everywhere. Having our welcoming drinks.

We were then asked to wait at the library area for a short briefing. The lanterns on the ceiling is really mesmerizing. The library also doubles as a business center and there's free WiFi.

Like all Generation-Ys and beyond, instead of taking in all the new sights, sounds and swells they prefer the web......

For me, I found a bed and made it my resting place.

This was a picture that someone took of me and sent via Whatsapp.

With a fan whirling, I felt so comfortable that I nearly fell a sleep before the start of the briefing.

After briefing us about the resort and what it has to offer, we were directed to a restaurant beside the pool for our lunch. A nuvo-cuisine style restaurant. Food's not that great and the time to wait is ridiculously long.

To be continued.

The 2014 Annual Company Trip - Destination: YTL Pangkor Laut Resort - The journey by bus - Part 1

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