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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My old school: St. John's Institution Kuala Lumpur; Part 01

I spent 5 years of my life in this school from 1983 to 1987. This mean I've left the school more than 27 year ago!

A friend of mine was there over the weekend to visit a carnival there. Here are some of his pictures that he took.

It really brought back memories.....

Below is the main lobby of the school. Back then, it looked much bigger. Here is also where I used to wait for my ride back home after school as well as where I got dropped off.

This is the gate that allows one to enter to the main lobby. As a prefect I sometimes needed to guard this gate and catch all the late comers.

The facade of the school. Imposing. The gold statue of the founder of the Lasallian Brotherhood. I wonder if the clock works.

Another shot of the facade. The windows are from some of the classrooms and offices.

At both sides of the lobby list of achievements of the school and pupils are displayed. At the end is the stairs heading to the first floor as well as to the main office. You can see the multitude of displays hung on the walls.

The passage to the new wing. During my time it was the block for the Form 4s and 5s. The canteen, the Prefects' Room as well as the girls room were also located in this block.

Just couldn't imagine no fatal accidents of boys falling head-over-heels ever happened down this stairs. The school was very strict on any antics done on the stairs. Boys will be severely punished if caught doing something stupid. I guess that helped reduce the likelihood of accidents here.

The long corridors....

Behind the steel doors is the famous class of 3C (1985). Will share the story later.

The corridor along the badminton/sepak takraw court. I remember when the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, I was on this corridor when the news broke. I can still remember it.

Mr Robert, the main canteen guy. Will always remember him. Not sure if he is still alive. Anyway, here is were everyday for just 20 minutes, we rush for our meals.

This newer block was built in 1966 and was named the Lee Kuo Chuan Building. My classes for Form 4 and Form 5 was in this block.

At the bottom of this block is the St. John Ambulance first aid room. In case of medical emergencies, some basic medical stuff are kept here. Next to this is the Quartermaster room. During PE classes, you go to the Quartermasters to get the sports equipment such as balls, nets etc.

The Eagles Nest. This is the headquarters of the Eagle Scout Group for the school. At the moment it has been taken over by contractors to do slope repairs.

The main hall called Bagunan Shaw Brothers.

Wow, the prewar toilet looks decent (for once!).

During my time, everyone dread going in there.

The Form 6 building where the science labs are situated.

The lecture halls. Agama class was held here.

End corridor looking towards the centre....

The hall. Supposed to be a gym. Note the wooden ladder on the wall for circuit training. In the 5 years I was there, I have never seen anyone using it.

Standard notice.

I am surprised that SJI now has an international school. My old class has been converted for this new school.

The colour is also different.

More lively.

All these photos bring flood of old memories - good memories - fun and happy memories.

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