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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My contribution to the world of Islamic Finance - a chapter in the Risk and Regulation of Islamic Banking

This is the third book on Islamic Finance that I was able to participate as a contributing author.

My name listed as the second contributor. I know of other authors that contributed more chapters but due to my dad's name, it got listed as number two.

My chapter is number 10 on page 168 of the book. It talks about the need for valuation to be an integral part of Islamic Finance, especially when it comes to sukuk securities. Currently, the notion of valuation has not been given due recognition by the industry. Hopefully, with my chapter in this book, it could help ignite the interest in valuation for Islamic Finance practitioners everywhere.

If you recall Commerce 101, the first thing that was taught is the concept of a market. For a market to be viable it must have four (4) components: (a) products and services for sale, (b) buyers and sellers, (c) medium of exchange and finally (d) price to transact the sale. Islamic Finance have been too focused on the first three parts. It is time the subject of pricing or valuation takes center stage.

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