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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Watch enthusiast lunch meeting organised by Malaysia Watch Forum and F J Benjamin (M) Sdn Bhd - Bell and Ross

On 13 September 2014, Malaysia Watch Forum and and collaboration with F J Benjamin (M) Sdn Bhd, the authorised dealer for Bell & Ross watches organised a lunch meeting with watch enthusiast in Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of the event was to introduce the company and Bell & Ross watches. Information on the latest offerings was also made available to the guests.

The event was held in a restaurant in the Intermark Building that was completely booked for this private event. To make it more interesting, guests were encouraged to dress in camouflage military. 

Here you see the organisers preparing themselves before registration time.

Slightly more than 50 avid watch collectors turned up for the event. After a short mingling session, we all took our seat for lunch.

To make the event unique, the AD set aside a few B&R watches on trays for each table for guests to look and review.

The representative of MWF introducing the big boss of F J Benjamin (the one with the long hair) for the opening speech. It was a nice speech where he started introducing the company and the brand from historical perspective. He also mentioned about the new models that will be launched in the very near future. Although photos of the watches was shown to us, he did ask all of us to refrain from taking photos as it has not be officially launched yet.

More B&R to be molested while we eat.

Here, the boss of F J Benjaminwas giving us a briefing of the photos that were put on the wall. It is a timeline of the design changes from the initial ("00") right up to the "05"-th change that is happening now.

The food in the restaurant, "Beast by Big", was tasty. I ordered the burger and it tasted really good.

After the end of the meal and mingling session, the all-important customary table shot of all the watches (only B&R though) that were present at the event was made. The guy doing the arrangement was very artistic.

All the square case watches were put in a circle.

All the round and tonneau shaped watches were put in another circle. My BR02 was there as well.

Another shot of the main circle with the additional red radar watch placed in the centre.

Based purely on retail price, what you are seeing is approximately, RM300,000 worth of watches on the table.

The AD also put up a B&R wall clock which looks really cool. I am not sure whther it is something available for sale.

Arranging the various wall clocks makes a nice decorative wall.

For this event I wore my authentic flight suit with name tags. In fact, I won first price for the best dress guest!

Another selfie. Unfortunately, couldn't get the flash to work.

All this photos (apart from the first one) was taken using my iPhone. The first photo was taken by the organiser and forwarded by "Whatsapp" prior to the event. Once I get more photos from the other guests, I will put it up.

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