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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Posing with Malaysia's military hardware at the National Museum parking area

A day before Merdeka, I went with my family to the parking lot of National Museum to see all the Malaysian military vehicles that will be used for the national day parade.

Below is an old Scorpion tank.

Number 1 & 3.

Cool pose.

A 25-pounder howitzer.

An armored personnel carrier.

More modern APCs.

Very vintage Ferret scout car.

A PT-91M main battle tank.

I didn't imagine it to be that small.

Ferret scout car.

Assault bridge-laying system.

Back of the PT-91M tank.

My son making the military pose.

Armored recovery vehicle.

A multi-terrain vehicle.

Front end of the of the armored recovery vehicle.

Armored recovery vehicle of a different model.

Newer wheeled APCs.

Note the smoke launchers.

Salute three.

Salute one.

A selfie.

Hisdustan movie pose.

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