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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Birthday party at an Yemeni restaurant in Republika - Marhaba

I seldom go to Republika but I must confess that before you make the trip there, you need to know where you are going because the car park is huge. If you park at the wrong side, you need to take a long walk to get to your destination.

The Marhaba restaurant is very classy. This is a Yemeni restaurant which offers authentic Yemeni cuisine. As it was a birthday party, it was nice of the restaurant to arrange some balloons. The table setting is very formal.

The environment is very Arabic with a lot of Arabic theme stuff like the standing lamp seen below.

The food was excellent. When it was time to bring out the cake, a waitress dressed in traditional Yemeni costume emerged with the cake.

Lighting the candle for the birthday girl.

The girls. Apart from these 5 girls, there was only me and another bloke.

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