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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A day at Tugu Negara (National Monument) and a walk aroung Lake Gardens

Over the weekend, spent some time with the kids to see Tugu Negara or National Monument in conjunction of Merdeka (Independence Day) that is coming up. Interesting to see that French is used in the sign post instead of English. I wonder why?

The national monument that honours those that died fighting during WW1, WW2 and the Communist Emergency.

A large plaza where you walk towards the large bronze statues.

The giant statues depicting the arm forces fighting and dying for the country. It is apt to have it surrounded by a pond with mesmerizing blue waters.

The infinity fountain depicting eternal recognition.

The statues are at least 30 feet tall.

The kids...

No words to describe...

The location is just nice. You can see KL developing nicely. The buildings you see are in the KL Sentral complex.

A tablet with some explanation on the National Monument.

After this place, we started our walking-exercise around Lake Gardens.

Loads of flora and fauna. Here you see the parasite plant wrapping itself around the host tree.

Then Anniversary Amphitheater.

A lot of shows are done on this stage.

Pity this has not been used more.

A deer park! Entrance is free.

Some statistics on the mouse dear or known as 'kancil' locally.

The landscaping is beautiful.

The deers as seen from an elevated walkway.

After walking and having fun for a couple of hours - time check - still just pass 11 am in the morning!

We then played some football.

Resting time. My daughter trying to pull my white hair!

Tarzan time.

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