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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Lego Technic 42009 Mobile Crane MK II - Half way through. Another couple of weekends to completion

In my previous posting titled: The Lego Technic 42009 Mobile Crane MK II - new toy to play for the next couple of weekends I talked about my latest Lego project. Many weeks have passed and I have completed part of the construction.

Behold, the extent of the current build. This is only part of the completed project i.e. up to book 3 of 6 books!

The mini figurine is not part of the set. My son decided to add one of his for effect. During construction, some of the stickers were used.

The pair of 10 wheels can be seen in the shot below. The center axle is fixed but the other 4 are steerable.

The representation of the V8 diesel engine that would actually power the real machine. As the wheels move, the piston heads move as well.

A close up of the engine bay.

The various gears that help move certain parts of this Lego set.

The rear end of the crane.

A very long crane.

Hopefully I would be able to complete the other 2 booklets in the next couple of weeks.

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