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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bucharest, Romania - The journey home - Part 12

Continuation from Bucharest, Romania - The final day: went up to the top of the Intercontinental Hotel to check out the pool and view - Part 11

Bags are packed and checked out of the room. Now waiting for the taxi to get to the airport. For the trip back home, wore green all the way, including my watch dial!

The taxi ride was interesting. The driver was very talkative and explained the history of the country since the fall of communism. I was amused to find that they are not that hot on the EU either. Even though they are part of the EU, they did not want to adopt the Euro currency. The population also now see that being part of a large group robs them of a lot of protection mechanisms. Now, money and size wins. A lot of their industry is going bust and taken over by the richer Europeans. The young now have to leave Romania to other countries in the Euro to find better jobs. This perpetuates the crumbling of Romania's current business elite which then allows foreigners to just step in and buy out for cheap.

Romanian airport is small. I think similar in size to Subang Airport. The Business Lounge is also basic.

When I arrived at the transit airport of Doha, it is a different situation. The Business Lounge there is huge and spectacular.

Taxing out for the final leg of the journey: KLIA.

It was a very interesting trip. The end.

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