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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Langkawi Holiday, November 2013 - 08 - Agro Technology Park or Taman Agroteknologi, Stesen Mardi Langkawi

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Our final destination on this lighting tour is the Agro Technology Park or Taman Agroteknologi, Stesen Mardi Langkawi. This is a testbed of fruit trees that could be commercially viable in Malaysia.

At this outdoor laboratory, there are many things to do.

We took a tram ride with a tour guide to explain the interesting parts of the park. I took a selfie on the tram.

The park is quite large and beautifully landscaped.

I couldn't believe it but in Malaysia, in the tropics, you can grow grapes without a greenhouse! Through experiments, Mardi is able to grow grapes for consumption. It seems that the produce from this set of vines have gone to market.

From my observation, the grapes are smaller than their temperate counterparts but equally as sweet. The skin in rougher. First winery in Malaysia anyone?

My son trying to get his hands on a bunch.

As you can see here, the size of the bunch is subtantial.

Doesn't look out of place if put side by side with temperate green grapes.

Had some fun using the camera for some camera tricks.

My son also wanted to get into the act.

We then visited the pineapple section. My son standing next to a young pineapple.

My son climbing a coconut tree.

To be continued.

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