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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day 2013 around Putrajaya - Presint 5, Lakeside, Heriot-Watt University and Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

On Christmas Day, we decided to take a long walk around the lake near Presint 5 and the PICC. We drove to the Water Sports Complex and park our car there and started to walk. The time was 11:20 am.

Along the lake we saw a group of tall buildings on Presint 2. These are the only tall office buildings in Putrajaya. In the background you can also see one of the many ornate bridges over the lake.

A very quiet morning, only we were on the esplanade. Another ornate bridge in the background.

We then pass the Heriot-Watt Campus that is still under construction. This is the first university in Putrajaya and its foreign!

We then came across a pedestrian bridge over an artificial waterfall. Note the width of the esplanade.

By then we were closer to the tall buildings which I highlighted earlier.

Off to cross the unique looking bridge. It looks like it connects to the other side of the lake.

A set of piers can be seen for boats to dock.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to cross the bridge due to security issues. A real pity. Anyway, we are allowed to walk down the bridge. Here you can see the artificial waterfall.

The waterfall has been designed to look like gear teeth. The drop in height is about 3 meters.

Below is a video of the dam and waterfall.

The very large cable anchor sunk into the ground to keep the bridge standing.

Below the waterfall, a more jungle-like or more natural atmosphere can be seen.

The pedestrian crossing is very wide and could take on a lot of people.

The kids taking time-out on the green slope.

We then walked towards PICC. We climbed a steep winding access road and as we progress, the view started to get really beautiful. I took the picture below on top of the official helipad of PICC.

The place was open and we walked in. We didn't see anyone so we decided to go on a tour of the whole convention centre. Below is the picture of the main convention hall.

It was just us. Nice.

The galaxy-like design of the main lights was done to associate it with the fact that this huge room is called a 'Planetarium'.

The gang.

The view from PICC.

The huge empty corridors.

After the self-tour, we walked down. But this time we use a different route. There is a walking path that snakes down the steep slope.

My kids.

About 1:47:49 hours later we ended our walk. We traveled 6.48 km (using GPS) and burned 587 calories. Our average speed was 3.60 kph and our elevation gain/loss 176 m. 

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