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Monday, November 25, 2013

Langkawi Holiday, November 2013 - 03 - After breakfast we went fishing

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After a good breakfast on the second day, we took out a boat to go fishing.

Everyone is excited to go fishing for the first time.

At the water sports centre, we registered and waited for the boat to take us fishing.

All on board!

We tried trolling for barracudas (trailing a line and hook on the side of a moving boat) but after 20 minutes nothing. So the Captain decided that we should go bottom fishing near corals. Here we started to catch fish one after another. It was awesome.

Below is the first fish my son ever caught. A big one at that.

A wife too got a few from her line.

He was please with that!

She was grinning with joy!

I too caught a few but small ones. Number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3.

My daughter also caught one.

Number 4.

A game of patience.

My daughter falling asleep.

Enjoying the moment.

The weather was brilliant and the sea conditions were near perfect.

Waiting, waiting....

Rock face of one of the many small islands near Langkawi.

After a few hours, people starting to get tired.

My son was still perky.

Moving slowly near the rocks to see whether we can get some fish there.

We can see a schools of small fishes swimming around.

A typical rocky outcrop of an island.

She originally didn't want to participate but she actually enjoyed it.

Full concentration on the controls.

Wifey also waiting silently for a tug on the line.

End of the day. Relaxing time.

My son catching some sun.

Our catch. Some of the 13 fishes on a line.

Family photo with the catch.

Final shot.

Heading home.

Fish deep fried and dipping sauce. Yummm.

To be continued.

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