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Friday, November 22, 2013

Langkawi Holiday, November 2013 - 02 - The first day on the beach

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It was only 11:10 in the morning and I am already relaxing about the lagoon pool. This is how to live life.

The lagoon pool in Tanjung Rhu Resort has the beach feel. Everything is landscaped. The mature coconut trees makes it look very island-like.

This is the best reason why I come to Tanjung Rhu year-in, year-out. The beautiful and empty beach. One kilometer of serene beach with no crowds to disturb you.

The resort from the water-line.

I took the panorama photo below. This goes to show how lonely the beach is.

After hours of rolling in the sand and surf, it was time for dinner.

To be continued.

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