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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Langkawi Holiday, November 2013 - 01 - The trip to Tanjung Rhu Resort

School holidays are here again and we decided to go to our favorite resort in Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu Resort. We took one of the earliest flight out to Langkawi. It so happened that one of our neighbors were nice enough to drive us to the train station.

The train in just about to enter the station and everyone is all fired up to kick-start the family holiday programme.

After checking-in, we decided to have our breakfast at Merry Brown. After a good meal, we moved to the departure hall. From there I took a picture of the plane that will take us to our final destination. It was a wet day and hopefully, Langkawi will be a sunnier place.

The first flight out was just half full. What luck!

Everyone reading something to keep away the boredom of waiting for the flight to take off.

My son at a window seat.

Selfie with my son.

Throughout the 55 minute flight, there was continuous cloud cover. The possibility of a bright holiday appears to be low.

By this time it is already 9:12 am in the morning and the plane was gliding on final approach to Langkawi Airport.

Langkawi Island from 2,000 feet up. Overcast but at least it's dry.

Arrived on time and it was dry. Took a photo of my son with the plane in the background. His sunglasses was already on.

As usual the hotel had a car waiting for us at the airport. Within 30 minutes we were in the hotel and I was already bumming on the beach chair at their lagoon pool. This is the life.

To be continued.

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