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Friday, October 25, 2013

Teambuilding in Phuket - 04 - Bangla Road, Restaurants, Etc.

Please refer to previous posting.

The road outside the resort is so busy and provincial town-like. Very haphazard. Crossing the road is a skill only for the brave. Note the miles of power lines overhead.

That night we had dinner at our of their restaurants called Three Spices. The weird thing about this is that you need to exit the resort first, walk about 50 meters on the public road before entering the restaurant. I guess, when they built the restaurant, there was no space available in the resort itself.

The food is just so-so.

We had our team-building session in a small meeting room.

For lunch, we went to another restaurant under the resort called The Bistro. Had Thai food. It was wonderful.

When we went there the weather was very downcast and rainy.

The famous Bangla Road at dusk.

At night, Bangla Road starts to be lively. This is a pure tourist spot. Practically everywhere you look you see foreigners.

To be continued.

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