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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Teambuilding in Phuket - 03 - The Impiana Resort And Spa, Patong

Please refer to the previous posting.

The hotel we stayed is the Impiana Resort And Spa, Patong. This is only one of only two hotels which fronts the beach. Unfortunately, the access to the hotel is via a very busy, and only road servicing the Patong beach area.

The hotel is single story with many linked chalets - resort style. Despite the serene ambiance, the noise pollution from the road is excessive.

The beaches in Patong are public beaches. As such, the hotel has no control on who can set up business in front of the hotel. This is another negative part about resort. Moreover, ATV and dirt bikes crisscross the beach dangerously.  In fact, the hotel issues a warning advisory to guests about the dangers on the beach.

There is a small pool for guests. At just 80 rooms, I guess it is just sufficient.

The beach in Patong is not clean. The water is very dark due to particulates and I don't dare take a dip in it.

The deck chairs on the beach are actually owned by other businesses. Once you sit on one, you will be charge a rental.

Enjoying the sea breeze by sitting on one of the many lounge chairs in the resort.

The rooms are not that big but complete with all the modern things.

The decor is Thai fusion and pleasing to the eye.

Wifi services is provided throughout resort.

The wash area is about the same size as the bedroom.

The funny thing about the room is the entrance. Its via the sliding door instead of a standard door one would expect in any room. Hence the need to keep the curtains drawn.

To be continued.

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