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Friday, October 18, 2013

Teambuilding in Phuket - 02 - Arrived in Phuket and lunch at the Royal Phuket Marina

[Please refer to the previous posting]

After getting our luggage and passing immigrations, we boarded our bus to make our way to our hotel on Patong Beach. The drive is expected to last for one hour. As we arrived at noon, we took a short detour to the Royal Phuket Marina which was on the way to the hotel.

Half an hour later we arrived at the Marina.

There's a lot of boats at the piers. Note also the dark clouds. Despite it being noon, the felt like dawn.

The Marina complex. Looks quite dead.

The bungalows you see in the horizon are part of the Marina. You can buy them.

The gang getting ready to eat. The menu is Thai food. The food was excellant.

As usual, checking stuff on hand phones is a must.

We then hopped backed into the bus for our final leg of the day - Impiana Resort Patong. Half and hour later from the Marina, we arrived at Patong Beach.

Very busy place.

To be continued.

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