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Monday, September 30, 2013

Company Trip to Surabaya, Indonesia - Part 03 - The Majapahit Hotel

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We finally arrived at our hotel - The Majapahit Hotel. Originally built in 1910 by the Sarkies brothers, the Hotel Majapahit is a classic landmark institution filled with national pride. Its colonial architecture with landscaped gardens makes it a must see when in Surabaya. Located in the heart of Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city, the Majapahit has gone through different names over its long history.

Initially called the Oranje Hotel, it was renamed Yamato Hotel in World War 2 when the Japanese used it as a prison. In 1945 it was called Merdeka Hotel where the spark of the Indonesian independence from the Dutch started. In 1946 it was renamed the L.M.S. Hotel and finally in 1966 it got its current name.

The hotel is a two floor structure spread over a large area. The lobby is tastefully designed.

There is also a display of an old hotel car.

What sets apart this hotel is its many gardens. Every room faces a garden.

You can sit and enjoy an afternoon tea in the gardens.

The rooms are very stately. Segregated in three sections. The sitting area, the bedroom and the washroom. The design and the overall fittings in the room are classic in nature.

In the sitting room, you have a couch as well as a writing table.

There is also a TV in a TV cabinet.

In the bedroom, the cupboard is a standalone furniture. There is also a standing mirror.

The washroom basin and cabinet is also antique!

In the bathroom, the toilet and the shower are in two separate rooms.

A traditional bathtub with brass fittings is also provided.

The bed is a king size with very nice sheets and pillows.

The large wooden head board of the bed gives it an old classic feeling to it.

The sign that commemorates the opening of the hotel.

The many corridors in the hotel.

Another of the many gardens in the hotel.

The is a pool. Not big but then the number of guests is not expected to be many anyway.

A child pool next to a gazebo.

Tables and chairs in the garden when you can have drinks.

To be continued.

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