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Friday, May 3, 2013

USA Trip 2013: Part 9.2 - Exploring San Diego Zoo

[Please refer to previous postings]

San Diego Zoo is more like a park than a typical zoo. There are a lot of open spaces and things to do and see that does not necessary involve animals.

As I mentioned in my earlier posting, the site is spread over many small hills. There are complimentary buses that ply the designated routes for you to hitch a ride on.


I believe this is the African section.

The next place in our have-to-visit itinerary (the first is the panda, see: is the polar bear sanctuary.

For the upkeep of a couple of polar bears, the zoo set aside a few acres of land that consist of a small park dedicated to the animal.

The giants taken from the glass panel of its water tank.

Life-size replica of the polar bear.

Another exhibition is the pre-historic  animals living is Southern California thousands of years ago.

Proxy for the American Lion - an African.

There were also elephants in California then.

A giant sloth.

Elephant santuary.

A leopard and a baby...

We then went to the old part of the zoo. Here is a Komodo dragon.

Loads of stuff for kids to interact with throughout the zoo.

A naughty bird!

To be continued.

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