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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lego Starwars Desk Lamp - Darth Vader - so cool!!!

When I went to Legoland in Johor, I saw this very cool looking desk lamp. A Darth Vader Starwars Lego piece using LED lights at the light saber. Power comes from two sources, battery or via a USB power cable.

Below is the box.

The items. With battery power, you can pick up Dart Vader from its special stand and use it like a torchlight.

Once assemble. Quite a tall piece. Looks good on one's table.

The on/off button is at the centre of the body. Press once as the lights will come on half power. Press twice, full power. Press third time and it will switch off.

This is the side profile.

Price is relatively high around RM199 - but well worth it!


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