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Thursday, March 21, 2013

USA Trip 2013: Part 6.2 - Backlot Studio Tour, Universal Studios, California

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The most important ride one must take when at the Universal Studios is the Backlot Studio Tour. This tour brings you to some interesting 3-D rides as well as let you see the sets where famous movies were shot.

You sit on a tram pulled by a tractor.

As we were about to leave, noticed a bank of solar cells.

As we slowly made our way down into the valley, on the side of the road, movies made by Universal Studios were highlighted.

Some of the huge stage sets.

Directors' temporary homes.

A city set.

Back to the Future town hall scene was shot here.

Feels like you are entering an eerie ghost town.

The first large 3-D experience for this tour - King King versus Dinosaurs ride.

Famous prop cars used.

Another show was the Fast & Furious, Tokyo Drift. Do you know that it was all shot here in California? Incredible. Anyway, here they show how cars can be manipulated to do incredible stunts by using massive robotic arms.

More then 17 years ago, I saw this special effects done, a massive flooding - even today, it still amazes me how everything was done. Check out the following frames.


To film something big, they miniaturize it in real life. Below was the freighter ship from the movie King Kong.

The next FX ride was the earthquake, fire and flooding ride.

Immediately after that was the visit to Jaws - Amity Island.

Next was Listeria Lane - Desperate Housewives.

The set of the Grinch.

Set of Psycho.

Set of War of the Worlds.

To be continued.

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