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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pictorial Journal on my family holiday to Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi - March 2008 - The hotel room and the environment - Part 02

When we arrived at the resort, we were immediately shown to our room. The registration was done in the room itself. Because of our number, the hotel gave us a superior room with overlooks the lagoon pool as well as the sea. It comes with two rooms separated by a corridor where the washroom as well as the wardrobe are at.

The picture below is looking at the sitting room area.

This is the bedroom area. The kids have their own mattresses set on the floor.

The bedroom is very spacious. It comes with two sinks, a separate shower room, a bathtub as well as a WC room.

There is a wooden window that blocks the view of the bathroom, just on top of the bathtub, from the main bedroom. Very romantic if you are on your honeymoon.

The room concept uses teak wood furniture. Very natural.

The balcony overlooking the sea. The emerald green Andaman Sea is so beautiful from this point.

The beach is very private. Only guests of the hotel uses it.

As it was just noon, we decided to explore the grounds and try one of the restaurants available at the resort for lunch. This is the scene from the lobby of the resort. A lot of ponds. You must be careful or you may up dropping into one!

The lobby area.

The view of the inner courtyard from the lobby. It has a jungle feeling.

The pathway to the various blocks.

This is the main block. It is the only one with a lift. Those with disability can request for the rooms here.

The various types of fish in the ponds.

The area fronting the beach, the hotel builds a wooden boardwalk. From here, you can take stunning photos of the sea and the small islands just off the beach.

Miles of white sand and not a single person!

One couple spotted on the sand (see if you can spot them in the picture below).

My son was so excited!

My daughters too!

You would notice the sand appears to be raked (see the photo below). Every morning, just after dawn, a tractor from the resort with pull a wide rake over the sand. The purpose is to ensure the beach is perfectly smooth and also pick up any rubbish (cannot see any at all!) or washed up wood and other debris off the beach.

This is a wide beach. Close to 50 meters from the tree-line up to the water-line.

We are now heading towards the main restaurant for lunch.


Pictorial Journal on my family holiday to Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi - March 2008 - Part 01

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