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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doha Trip - October 2006 - Part 08 - Desert safari in Doha's outback

After all the formal functions have been attended. Some private time. My colleagues and I decided to try the famous desert safari on Doha's sand dunes. Below is the picture of my colleagues and one of the two 4WD used. I believe it is a Toyota Landcruiser variant with a 4.5 litre engine.

Yours truly...The guy in the white T-shirt bending over the front tire is releasing the pressure in the tires. For good tranction on the sand, only a 5lb per inch pressure is needed.

The staging point for the dune safari. See the amount of tire marks in the sands.

The start. Our driver is Arabic and cannot communicate in English.

It was winter time and the weather was not as hot as one would imagine. Sand dunes as far as the eyes could see.

A lake in the desert! So unique. In the background is the Persian Gulf.

Looks like small sand dunes.

One of the cars sliding dune a sand dune. Awesome!

A beach without beachgoers. If only I brough my swimming trunks!

Sunset in the desert. Just beautiful.

An arab tent when one can enjoy food and traditional music.

In the middle of nowhere.

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Thristhan said...

Wow, doha looks amazing. All that white sand, didn't it get into your eyes?

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

Surpisingly, it was windless throught the whole experience

Desert Safari Dubai said...

Desert Safari Dubai right place to visit. I love this place. 


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