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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The start of the renovation to the Putrajaya house - September 2004

Got the keys to the house in May of 2004 and for the next couple of months, started planning the interior design of the house as well as getting the contractors to do the job. The first thing on the agenda is the colour and security. The funny wall colours (see the first two pictures) had to go.

Keeping the rich wood colour of the wooden flooring.

Also got a few cameras to be put at strategic places around the house for surveillance. The motion sensor at the porch is a standard that comes with the house.

Need to add a camera at the entrance.

This is only part of the design that I wasn't comfortable with. Putting of grills. Totally diminish the estatic value of the house. What to do....for security.

Tiled up the side of the house with slate tiles. Easy to clean and it would take a lot of dirt to make it look dirty!

The side of the house.

The patio outside the dining room. Hope to have many good times here.

The back of the house.

My two kids leaning against the dining table that arrived early.

The two of them leaning against the wall where the display cabinets and the TV will be put.

Since this wall will be covered by cabinets, not necessary to hack the walls.

The wife wanted the kitchen to be spacious and have a lot of working spaces.

We decided to have two sets of sinks. We merged the wet and dry kitchen into one.

The big bathtub sink and the hole where the hobs will be set.

Our third set of sinks will be outside. We want this so that we can wash shoes as well as other stuff.

The drying area, covered so that it would look cleaner.

New paints for the walls. The choice used by the developer makes the house seem darker.

Glass shower cabinets.

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