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Friday, February 25, 2011

Switzerland trip - Day 4 - A relaxing walk in the snow in the early morning & a visit to a cheese making factory

Everyone must try to walk in the snow in the early morning. It is just a brilliant experience to see fresh snow.

Below is the public park in the centre of Engelberg Town. You have the park all to yourself!

Budding photographers will like it a lot as you can find loads of interesting subjects.

My footprints (I walked backwards to get the effect).

Despite the winter, certain bushes do not shed their leaves in winter. These bushes sure have a good biological anti-freeze in their system.

The first cable car of the day starting to its journey up the mountain.

Crows are hardy creatures. Here is a picture of hundreds of them circling the Terrace Hotel. I suspect the hotel must be preparing breakfast for the guest and they smell the food being prepared!

Horse-drawn carriage!

People are now out on the streets.

The closest cheese factory is situated in a monastery.

Despite the cold, there is still someone who can still stand the cold to do paragliding!

We were the first to visit the monastery (the footprint is mine).

The cheese factory. You can walk and view them make the cheese.


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