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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to make money the old fashion way

The internet has made us all forget that we can still make money using the traditional way. Just the other day, someone asked whether they could borrow my pickup truck to carry some large furniture from one place to another. Before I can say anything, they offered me RM200 for a day's use of the car. Not only will they put in the fuel but I don't have to drive it!

My kids have been very resourceful when it comes to business. In school, they have been selling sweets as well as erasures to their friends for a nice tidy profit. It is to such an extent that some other kids got jealous and reported them to the teachers. Now they are not allowed to do again but I bet is was a blast to them when they could.

My wife is also doing her part of generating income for the family. Selling cakes is her specialty and the last job she did generated RM100 for a 12in x 12in carrot cake. I bet she can generate a lot more if she puts her mind to it.

So don't worry if you can't make money fast through Nuffnang. You can always go back to the traditional ways. Trying washing cars or raking the garden. There will be demand for such services.

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