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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Working visit to Tokyo, Japan - Sightseeing in Tokyo - Part 5

Continuation from:

Working visit to Tokyo, Japan - ABMF Conference at the ADB Institute - Part 4

After the conference we got half a day to kill before our flight back to KL. So we took a walk to see the Imperial Palace and Gardens.

Took a walk which was nice as the weather was cool. Was surprised to see the number of people on the street (lack off). I always imagined the sidewalk will be full of people.

The gardens.

Grand looking moat and battlements.

One of many ancient gates to the gardens.

Well taken care moat.

No cars are allowed here.

The modern buildings surrounding the Imperial Palace and garden.

One of the entrance to the Imperial Palace.

We then found ourselves at Ginza.

Shops everywhere.

Now you start to see the people.

Also walked pass the Tokyo Tower.

By night time we found ourselves at the Shibuya Traing Station were we found the famous statue of the dog Hachiko.

Dinner at a Korean restaurant.

To be continued.

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