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Monday, July 18, 2016

Working visit to Tokyo, Japan - ABMF Conference at the ADB Institute - Part 4

Continuation from:

Working visit to Tokyo, Japan - Vending Machine styled Restaurant Combo- Part 3  

The ADB Institute is located somewhere inside this tall building in the heart of the business district of Tokyo. 


The ABMF Conference was held inside the ADB training floor which can fit a few hundred people.

A speaker from Thailand.

A speaker from Indonesia.

A speaker from Philippines.

Taking a selfie inside a lift.

My colleague, Shah, doing his presentation.

View from the back of the training room.

To be continued.


1 comment:

Danka Palega said...

Great photos of your business trip to Tokyo. Presentations look really good and interesting, even if it's not my field of interest. :) Also I really like that exclusive lift in which you took a selfie. :) Greets from Poland! All the best to you!
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