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Friday, May 20, 2016

Went for a seminar in Westin Langkawi. With IMD lecturers.

Took a MAS flight to Langkawi. The journey started in KL Sentral.

Waiting for the word to board the plane.

Flight was only 50 minutes and Westin got a car to pick me up from the airport. Approximately 25 minutes later, I got my room.

Quite luxurious.

A waste though as I will be locked up in a seminar room most of the time.

All this for just one person.

I was made to understand that this was originally Sheraton.

Some modern and old fittings.

The view outside my room (there is also a porch) is beautiful.

There resort has a vast compound and the vegetation is well kept.

At the end of the first day, a sunset cruise was organised. We went on a large yacht out of the Langkawi Yacht Club boating facility.

Sat in front of the boat. Selfie!

The boat is about to pull away from the pier.

The weather was nice and got o enjoy the sunset. We also had dinner on the boat although most of us didn't eat much (don't want to get sick as the boat was rolling while anchored in the middle of the sea).

Next morning after breakfast and before the start of the seminar got a chance to take a picture of one of the pools in the resort.

The seminar is full swing.

The second pool in the resort.

The beach here is not that nice.

The day before heading home. Final shot of the resort.

Going into the departure hall.

The end.

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