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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 10 - Exploring St Andrews, Scotland and Ice Cream!

Continuation from:

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 09 - Albany Hotel, St Andrews, Scotland 

Next morning we started early to explore the small town of St Andrews. Typical British weather, dark and gloomy. Even the townspeople tend to stay indoors.

The gang with warm clothing on.

The city of St Andrews is not that big at all. Here is the map of the town. I guess you can cover the whole 'city' withing half a day of just walking.

Off we went.

Some ruin castle near the sea.

Was told that in summer, stage shows are held here.

The beach looks rocky. Unlike our sandy beaches in Malaysia.

I bet in summer this place would look just beautiful.

A typical street in the city.

The tea shop where Kate met Prince Williams.

The opera.

Every city review we visited, The Jannettas Gelateria was mentioned as the 'must-visit' place in St Andrews. Despite it being a cold December, we were in the mood for ice cream.

There are tons of flavours. We got the proprietor to choose the most sort after. We were not disappointed. A cup of hot chocolate can never go wrong too.

This was after we went through the town.

No rush, so we enjoyed sitting in the nice comfy ice cream parlour.

A family photo.

A typical creation - a sundae.

To be continued.

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