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Monday, February 1, 2016

On assignment to Hainan Island, China - Part 02 - La Meridien Resort

Continuation from: On assignment to Hainan Island, China - Part 01 - To the island

Arrived at the resort late in the evening after a long bus drive across the island. I was impressed with the set up. Very modern.

All the modern convenience was made available.

The bathroom can be seen directly into the bedroom. This is resort is being advertised as a honeymoon resort.

In the toilet there is also a place to put your handphone when doing your business!

Surprisingly, the room also came with a ceiling fan - very ornate and totally useless.

The only interesting part in the room that I have never found anywhere else is this portable gas mask in case of fire.

There was also a welcome plate of fruit from the organiser, CCDC.

To be continued.

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