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Friday, February 20, 2015

A walk along the many city trails in Putrajaya - especially for migratory bird watching enthusiasts

In Putrajaya there are a number of city trails that have been created for public use. Over the weekend, I went on one of them. This particular trail snakes along the many lakes in Putrajaya and pass a number of islands teeming with migratory birds.

As you can see the trail is paved, wide and not congested at all. You can bring and use your non-motorised vehicle on it as well.

Along the trail, gazebos are provided to take shelter if it happens to rain.

At certain spots on the trail, information about the migratory birds typical to that area.

The small man-made islands full of birds.

So serene and beautiful.

Government offices.

Unique designed gazebo.

Beautiful sunset.

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