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Sunday, October 12, 2014

My own personal "man-cave" - a work in progress

Every man should have his own "man-cave" in his own home that is strictly off-limits to other members of the family. In my case I was able to carve out a small part of the house in Putrajaya to start developing one.

Honestly, it is not completed as yet. Although I have a small multi-gym equipment in it, my wife and kids still comes in to use it.

The shelves are all full of stuff. Can' display my books as well as my toys properly.

It is a shame...I need to have dedicated shelves for books and toys.

Even for my giant Lego model I had to put it on top of a 1000 piece puzzle. Note the framed art pieces that is still wrapped and kept at the side.

I can't even find a good place to put my loose weights.

I need to do some form of renovation. Question is when and how much....

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