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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A surprise birthday party to my friend T. Azmil with the old St John gang

It was Azmil's 44th birthday and his wife wanted to arrange a surprise birthday party. So we got the St John gang together (plus family) at the Chinese restaurant in KL Hilton. Since we were the first to arrive, we got the kids to blow up balloons.

The kids trying to make a crazy pose.

We didn't invite a lot of people, just two tables.

The cutlery and plates are grand and placed formally.

I don't know what are they trying to act out.

The wives.

Azmil & Ravee.

Azmil's wife (in the background is Emry's wife)

Me, Emry, Azmil and Ravee.

Anantha. Chong and family was supposed to come but unfortunately could not make it in the last minute due to some domestic problem (maid flew the coop!).

The birthday cake. Since it was Merdeka, a Malaysian flag was apt for the occasion. Happy birthday Mac and a big hand to Salena for making it happen.

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