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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time reference radio broadcast i.e. radio frequencies

Globally, there are six global stations (two in Japan) that transmit time signals that could be picked up by special watches. The stations and their respective radio frequencies are listed below.

Time Calibration Signals
  1. Station name: DCF77 (Mainflingen, Germany) -  Frequency: 77.5 kHz
  2. Station name: MSF (Anthorn, England) - Frequency: 60.0 kHz
  3. Station name: WWVB (Fort Collins, United States) - Frequency: 60.0 kHz
  4. Station name: JJY (Fukushima, Fukuoka/Saga, Japan) -Frequency: 40.0 kHz (Fukushima) / 60.0 kHz (Fukuoka/Saga)
  5. Station name: BPC (Shangqiu City, Henan Province, China) - Frequency: 68.5 kHz

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