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Monday, December 2, 2013

Langkawi Holiday, November 2013 - 06 - Telaga Tujuh or Seven Wells Recreation Park, Langkawi

Please refer to the previous posting.

After the Handicraft Center, we went to this recreational area called Telaga Tujuh or Seven Wells Recreation Park. It is said that, fairies used to/currently swim at these wells.

Below is the welcoming billboard and the map up to the wells.

This plaque explains the story behind the seven wells.

To climb up the the hill does get some use to. It all steps up. Takes about 20 minutes just to climb the steps.

It was worth the effort. The view was breathtaking.

At the edge of the stone cliff, the water from the wells becomes a waterfall.

From this point, it is dangerous to continue forward. There is a cable barrier that the authorities put up to stop people from accidentally falling down.

Further uphill are more of the wells. A number of Pergolas have been built for the comfort of visitors. You notice a lot of foreigners sunbathing.

My kids beside one of the wells.

A selfie.

Another selfie but to another angle.

Foreign visitors in bikinis.

Lunch time. Good thing we brought our picnic items with us.

The sign that welcomes us when we reached the top.

Halfway down the hill is another nice picnic spot. Here, you get to see the waterfall.

Selfie and the waterfall.

My kids on a rock.

The area around the waterfall is still pristine.

Downhill are more pools but should only be attempted by adults as the path is a bit challenging.

The deeper pool seen between the trees.

After three hours we had a good time and it is time to go to another location.

A padi field.

To be continued.

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