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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sungai Klah Hot Springs, Gua Tempurung & Kellie's Castle - Part 4 - Day 2 - A visit to Kellie's Castle near Batu Gajah

Please refer to the previous posting.

About 70 km North of Sungkai is the town of Batu Gajah where you will find Kellie's Castle. An uncompleted castle of a Scotsman.

The grounds have been beautified with tourists in mind.

The tourists reception area is on one side of a river while the castle is on the other side. A walking bridge linked both sides.

If the castle was allowed to be completed, it will be one heck of a house.

One section of the house was completed by the museum authorities to show how it would look like if completed. Looks nice using period furniture.

There are actually two houses on the property. The first is a normal house which was destroyed during World War 2. My son posing next to an old wood fired oven in the destroyed house.

The castle as seen from the internal courtyard.

This is part of the destroyed home which used to house the previous owner of the property. The plan was them to move to the castle when completed and keep the original house as a guest house.

Mine and my friends' from Bahamas' kids.

Some write-up about the family that owned the property.

The riches of Malaya enabled the British to be wealthy.

More information.

The long corridor on the first floor.

View from the first floor.

On the roof.

A plaque to commemorate the first lift shaft in Malaysia.

A plaque that commemorates the original house.

Group photo.

To be continued.

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