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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trip to Penang Island & Hard Rock Hotel - Day 1.2 - Arrived at the hotel and straight to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe

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Noon traffic in Penang Island was bad. We arrived at the hotel only around 14:00 hours. After registering with the front desk, we were told that the room is still not ready yet.

The lobby is more like a cafe than a typical hotel lobby. My son waiting for the paperwork to be done.

The front desk of the hotel is also a bar!

Anyway, instead of just waiting around for the room to be readied, we decided to go for lunch. I was famished after that 4 hour drive.

The atmosphere in this particular Hard Rock Cafe is similar to what you would find in any other branches. Loads of musical memorabilia around.

There is a stage for live performances. I am only surprised by smallness of the hall. I expected it to be bigger.

My second daughter giving my son a peck on the cheek. He looks appalled! Priceless........

To be continued.

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