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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

USA Trip 2013: Part 8.4 - Dinner and a stroll around Anaheim

[Please refer to previous postings]

After arriving back from Citadel Factory Outlet, we refreshed ourselves and head out again, but this time on foot for dinner. We decided to eat in a proper restaurant and chose to visit IHOP again. We walked up Downtown Disney until the end of the avenue. Just ahead of the "Thank You For Visiting" sign is the IHOP restaurant.

After a good meal, we walked along the streets of Anaheim. After about a hour, the kids started to get hungry again - ice-cream time!

While walking on the street, I happened to noticed this very interesting trash can. It has a solar panel at the top and decked with interesting graphics.

Its a solar compactor. In it is a motor that compresses the trash as it is feed into the system to minimise empty space hence the capacity to take in more garbage. Ingenious.

After and walking for sometime, we headed back into Disneyland Resort.

By this time, the area was devoid of people as most have gone home.

To be continued.

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