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Monday, April 15, 2013

Legoland Malaysia Road Trip - 2 - Legoland

From Pulai Springs, it took us about 20 minutes to get to Legoland. Parking was ample.Now heading to the main gates of Legoland from the carpark.

We got there slightly earlier and we waiting for the official opening time at the gates (10:00 am).

Weather was downcast so no sun which was good. Below is the mainstreet of the park.

In the distance is the famous Lego Park where famous buildings and monuments are erected out of Lego bricks.

The first ride attraction we took was the Project X, Lego Technics roller-coaster. The queue was just about 5 minutes.

A giant Octopus out of Lego bricks in one of the ponds.

Atlantis ride. Do expect to get sprayed slightly with water.

The queue line (or lack off!!!)

The Mindstorm centre.

Large Lego robots.

In Kingdoms, there are two roller-coasters. This is the first.

This is the second, longer and more extreme roller-coaster.

This was Wednesday, so no traffic at all.

Kiddie train ride - for the fun of it.

In Imagination, more of the modern attractions are situated.

A life size giraffe...

I believe the Lego bricks have been super-glued to be able to withstand the abuse!!!

The high tower in the background is the viewing platform.

Life size father and daughter.

The most extreme and wettest ride is the Land of Adventure ride. This one you get totally soaked!

The star attraction of this place has to be the miniature park where models of famous places, events and buildings are featured. Called Miniland.

Below is an old sailing ship and a walled city in the early 17th century.

Note the building being built in the background. The Legoland Hotel Resort. To be readied in 2014.

The models actually move. From the picture below you can just see the tracks on the floor of the pool.

Is this Angkor Wat?

Below must be Bali.

Taj Mahal, India.


Port scene.

KLIA airport.

A massive cruise ship.

The small ships move around.

The trains move as well.

KLCC. Note the height of this model. I was made to understand this is the tallest Lego structure in the world.

Kuala Lumpur.

PM's office in Putrajaya.

Lebuh Ampang.

Sultan Abdul Samad building.

Old KL train station.

Putrajaya floating mosque.

At one of the many eateries in the Park.

Family photo with a Lego man.

Driving centre for the kids.

Boating centre. You actually control the boats without the use of any guiding rail!

Kids driving at the driving school. Using electric carts.

The boat ride is quite haphazard. The yellow boat is going the wrong way!!!

Another restaurant.

Very modern and clean.

The Lego main train station where you get on a train that travels around the park.

Bought a small Lego set for my son.

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