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Saturday, March 16, 2013

USA Trip 2013: Part 5.2 - Our first shopping expedition

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After saying goodbye to our friends before their long drive back to Las Vegas, we decided to jump on a bus to visit a factory outlet. There's a bus every 15 minutes that stops in front of our hotel (plus a few other hotels too) that leads to the factory outlet. The factory outlet is called the Citadel.

We passed a few hotels on the way to the factory outlet.

The Citadel factory outlet is a setup of many buildings spread out over a large area. Unlike a mall, you go into shops the way you would go into shops along any highstreet except there's no car.

The food court is also vast and you would be spoil for choice.

There's even high-end branded stores here.

American version of Tutti-Fruity (not sure who copy who?)

Bought myself my first pair of Nike. How apt that I am also wearing my Suunto heart rate monitor watch.

To be continued.

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