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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Club Med, Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia - 3 - the resort

The resort is designed like traditional Malay kampung (village) house. The base material is wood and built on stilts (in the olden days to protect against flooding and wild animals). Below is one of the wings of the hotel (all the wings are connected by wooden bridges). Maximum floors of just three.

The wings are names after local animals.

Club Med Cherating has a huge piece of land, in the hundreds of acres category. Well maintained and managed by an army of gardeners. It also fronts a beach that runs for a couple of kilometers.

Below is the view as seen from the main lobby entrance of the resort.

I am actually quite intrigue with the tiger statues on the lawn.


From this part to the main gates, the road snakes through the jungle for about 1 km.

I was also surprised to note that the property is beside a cliff.

There are also tunnels and caves.

Generally, the resort is very secluded and quiet. A note of warning, despite the deception calmness of the sea, this beach is dangerous because of the strong underwater current. In fact, Club Med advice its guests to refrain from swimming here and instead go to another beach further up that is more conducive.

Hardly anyone can be seen on the beach.

The sand is so fine. Good for making sand castle.

From the gate to the main road is another 2 km. At that point, you will see the direction to Club Med as well as direction to the turtle sanctuary situated just beside the resort.

At the entrance to the turtle sanctuary, I snapped a photo of a plaque explaining the purpose of the sanctuary.

Below is part of the maze of wooden bridges connecting the various hotel wings.

The main lobby of the hotel.

Another view of Cherating beach from a different location. Still devoid of people.

At one part of the hotel is a football field as well as an archery range.

Saw this plaque put up by Club Med to explain their efforts towards conserving energy (apologies for the picture to come out sideways. Double click on the picture to enlarge). The hot water for the showers are heated using the excess heat generated from the air-conditioning system. Ingenious!

There are miles of walking paths on the property. Nevertheless, strategically placed huts are made available for the guests in case there is a need to sit down or if it starts to rain heavily.

Below is the tree-top challenge station. Here, one can learn about going up on trees etc.

A typical jungle walking path.

Another one of Club Med's environmental projects. Here is where the resort's waste water is treated naturally.

A plaque explaining the concept and how its done reside just beside the bridge.

A man-made lake for waste treatment. Kudos to them!

For the next 10 minutes, you will be walking a path that is very quiet. Jungle walking without the need to go through the undergrowth.

Another interesting plaque with some useful titbits about the rainforest. I think this is a nice place to bring the kids.

At the end of the path is another private beach that is safe to swim in. Here is where all the water sports of Club Med are held.

Because it is in a cove, the waves are not at strong as the one near the hotel itself.

Another part of the resort.

Fan palms.

The Spa for the resort. Very expensive.

A real jungle track.

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