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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Geeky Gifts for Mother’s Day - Travel Slanket

The Pitch:

Firebox says, “Whether you’re driving home for Christmas, cooped up in some sub-zero carriage or shivering your butt off at 35,000 feet, travelling can be a surprisingly chilly business. So thank heavens the snuggle-ologists at Slanket have created a travel-friendly version of their gorgeously cosy blanket with sleeves. ”

Why It’s Not Ideal:

Slankets are barely okay for use at home when nobody’s looking.
The amount of static generated by these 100% polyester wearables will absolutely interfere with the electrical systems of planes, trains, automobiles and any pacemakers within a 500-yard radius.

Exceptions to the Rule:

Your mom will be camping out for the opening of The Hobbit in December.
Your mom is a toddler (which defies science, by the way).

Buy It Anyway: $22.29 at Firebox

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