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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Geeky Gifts for Mother’s Day - GoJo Hands Free Headset

Taylor Gifts says, “The adjustable Gojo wireless headset lets you speak on your phone hands-free while you work, exercise, walk or shop so you can effortlessly accomplish other tasks.”

Why It’s Not Ideal:

Though she may be able to “effortlessly accomplish other tasks,” your mom’s power-walking group will effortlessly walk in the opposite direction of the wacko with the full-size cellphone strapped to her head.

Exception to the Rule:

Your mom is the undisputed queen of her power-walking group. Her only rule: There’s one way to get into the power-walking group, and it involves the GoJo. Her only other rule: There’s no way to get out of the power-walking group.

Buy It Anyway: $9.98 at Taylor Gifts

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