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Monday, October 31, 2011

Putrajaya Camelot showhouse in 2003

I started blogging in 2008. I realised that one topic which I have written quite a number of posting is about my house in Putrajaya. However, the subject has never been about the house prior to 2008. In the next couple of postings, I will write about how I decided to get a home in Putrajaya way back in 2003.

This is the story.

After staying in someone's house for 7 years, I decided to get my own place. But where? At that time, Putrajaya was coming up fast and the idea of loads of greens and lakes appealed to me (still do). While searching the internet, I saw the advert by SP Setia on their project in Precint 9. I paid the downpayment and booked the house purely from the image shown on the computer screen. When I told my wife, she was surprised.

A few months later, the showhouse was completed and I was able to visit it and see whether my "hasty" decision was worth it. Below are some pictures of the interior of the showhouse which I took using my camera.

I was told then that the house once delivered would not have the fittings as shown but it will be tiled as per the showhouse.

The wet and dry kitchen.

The sliding door that demarcates the wet and dry kitchen.

The dry kitchen has an area for a couch (?).

There is also a place for an island.

The first room on the ground floor.

The sitting room as seen from the dining area.

The sitting room.

The house has a lot of windows. Roman blinds recommended.

The main entrance. The wooden ID work is to create the sense that you are entering a hallway.

The reception area.

The stairwell.

The first floor is a double volume family area.

Your TV should be set here (that is what the ID people think!).

The master bedroom.

Walk in closet (that's me in the mirror).

The sink in the master bedroom.

The second bedroom on the first floor.

The third bedroom on the first floor.

The fourth bedroom on the second floor.

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